Past Life Paranormal Society
PLPS is a new up and coming investigative group founded by Sean Latham and his wife Angela. They are based out of Southern Maryland and Gettysburg, PA. Their members have a wide array of experience and skills, and range from skeptics to empaths. They are available for consult and investigation within PA, MD, and VA. Past Life is a non-profit group and all consults and investigations are at no charge. They are a highly professional and compassionate group, always seeking answers and insight into the unknown realm beyond the veil.
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CONTACT  US   1-301-259-2271
Southern Maryland - Gettysburg Pennsylvania - Virginia

​Sean Latham Founder/Investigator
Angela Latham Co-Founder/Investigator
Janice Holtzclaw Investigator
Mark Saloky Investigator
Roxanne Saloky Investigator
Dale Latham Investigator/Historian
Heather Coleman Investigator
John Mudd Investigator
Places Investigated

Orphanage & Solider's Museum, Gettysburg, PA
Jennie Wade House & Museum, Gettysburg, PA
The Tillie Pierce House, Gettysburg, PA
The Barker House, New Oxford, PA
Hoffman Mansion, Gettysburg, PA
Devil's Den, Gettysburg, PA
The Bloody Wheatfield, Gettysburg, PA
The Farnsworth House, Gettysburg, PA
Point Lookout Lighthouse, Scotland, MD
Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA
Brandy House, Culpeper, VA
KII Meter, Mel Meters, Dowsing Rods, EVP-RT, Tri-Field, E-Pod, Temperature Deviation Detector, Temperature Gun, Spirit Box, Motion Sensors, IR Video, Digital Cams, Full Spectrum, Pendulum, Laser Grids, DVR System, REM Pod.